At b-collective our purpose is to help people, teams and businesses grow - it's human. The work we do is all about people. We are leadership and communication coaches.

We used to say we start by understanding where you are now; your point A, and where you want to go; your point B, but we've found business growth and change isn't that straight-forward, and the global change we're all experiencing right now through COVID-19 is certainly not easy.

We work 1:1 virtually, or with teams virtually, and we've also just developed a new offer, 'the human card' a set of coaching cards, like having a coach by your side, helping you connect with those you care about, as you play what's in front of you and drive your team, business, career or relationship forward.

We know the strength, genuineness and support of our connections is what keeps us going. We'd love to help.

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