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I am a strong believer in that everything turns out all right in the end and that all of us are survivors. I only need to look back at all my experiences to see this: from persevering and completing my degree as an adult student as a foreigner in the UK at 29; to being made redundant three times; to reinventing myself from Mechanical Services Engineer to Change and Organisational Development practitioner because I couldn't speak Swiss German; to repatriating back to NZ and beginning again for the fifth time; and through these experiences and many others I have learnt to go with the flow, to transition with the environment I find myself in and navigate the change with optimism, positivity and a deep knowing it will be ok. But most of all I have learnt to allow myself to be human, and to acknowledge my emotions and give them the space to be expressed appropriately. I bring all of my learnings when I work with organisations and even though I don't know everything, I do know how to navigate change, which has generated stories and learnings that I love to share.

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