Virtual Malls Ltd T/A Hawke's Bay Online


Welcome to the Hawke's Bay Online!

Our aim is simple. We want to help support our local Hawke's Bay economy as much as we possibly can.

We've brought to the bay a level of technology only ever afforded to those companies with deep pockets. We want to level the playing field by making it easy (and cost effective) for all our local Hawke's Bay business's to have the same "big business" presence online where both residents and the masses who already shop there, can interact and do business with us too...

Shopping locally means more jobs and more investment into the region.

Something we should all be proud of! Building a better community together.

So sign up today - you can be a buyer, a seller or both... your choice, either way thanks for supporting our local initiative. Next time your online come visit us online for everything Hawke's Bay!

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