The Berry Farm

Food Product

The Berry Farm’s story begins in 1966, when two hectares of boysenberries were planted on a former Golden Queen peach orchard by the Elliott family (one of only two other owners of this property in the last 100 years.)

The first boysenberries were sold through the gate in 1968, from the exact site you will buy them from today. Fifty something years on and our berries still taste as good as the very first crop back in ‘68.

Matthew and Dianne Charlton - that’s us - purchased the property in 1983, opening the Farm Shop with Pick Your Own Boysenberries @ $1.50 per kilo in December ’83.

Back then, we operated out of a run down hundred year old shed with a dirt floor, handwritten recipe booklets, handmade signs and aprons around our waists (with the change in the pockets). We delivered many tonnes of boysenberries to Watties for canning.

We have sold boysenberries through the gate every summer since then.

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