Dot Arts


Dot Arts is made up of Addie Wainohu - Graphic Designer and resin jewellery maker, and Hoani Pohatu - greenstone Pounamu carver.

Together, we make the best Pounamu Jewelry by Maori here in New Zealand. Dot Arts make a variety of indigenous art, sourcing Harakeke (flax) from our local home town of Hastings, and Pounamu greenstone from the South Island of New Zealand.

Dot Arts Ltd has been creating unique jewellery for our clients since 2017. Our expertise is in the design and manufacture of all types of jewelry. We also have the experience to make our own, custom designs. We are proud to be one of the best Pounamu Jewelry makers by Maori business and we pride ourselves on our workmanship and service.

Best Pounamu Jewelry by Maori is a growing industry that has become more popular with the increasing sophistication of modern fashion. With a growing number of items being made from jewellery makers and an increasing demand for it, the demand for the production of jewellery is increasing, and the demand for the manufacture of jewellery is increasing. The demand for jewellery is growing rapidly, and is expected to continue for many years to come.

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