O'Connell Furniture Specialists

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We're a locally owned & operated furniture manufacturing & restoration business who has gone from strength to strength despite decades of mass-imported furniture, economic recession and now Covid-19! Offering a range of specialists services has helped us survive where many NZ manufacturers sadly could not. Shifting from Wairoa in 2007 as Clyde-Style Furniture, it's a pleasure to welcome customers to our factory showroom at 113 King St South, Hastings under our new banner, 'O'Connell Furniture Specialists' - the antlers on our brand are a nod to the family crest.

We're thrilled to see a renewed demand for NZ-made quality items along with a re-store/re-style/re-upholster mindset that benefits the planet, the pocket and often the heart when it's time to furnish ones home. Alongside our current designs we custom build anything from retro dining booths to deep-buttoned headboards. Kevin is a qualified upholsterer and auto-trimmer while Marise has more than 30 years experience in the textile industry. When it comes to furniture, we've got you covered...

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